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We  wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the diverse faith community that has stepped up to answer our call for support in preparation for the 20th Annual Mother's Day Walk for Peace.Thank you for embracing this moment to humbly serve our community.

Of all the 7 Principles of Peace, faith is closest to our hearts. Faith is what has kept Tina Chery going for the past twenty-two years.  We are walking in faith that together we will raise the $600,000 that we need at the Peace Institute to fund our work with families impacted by murder. Our fundraising focuses are:

Intergenerational Justice Program (IJP): IJP creates a continuum of support for survivors of homicide victims and families of people arrested and incarcerated for murder as they navigate the criminal justice system in the aftermath of homicide.
Rest in Peace Fund: The RIP Fund provides financial assistance to survivors of homicide victims who are unable to pay upfront burial costs.  This ensures that all families are able to lay their loved ones to rest with dignity.
Live in Peace Fund: The Live in Peace Fund provides micro-grants to families impacted by murder who are using their grief in positive ways.

There are so many teams this year representing a diverse multi faith who are committed to showing support and solidarity to families impacted by murder. Here are just a few....

Follen Church hosted me back in March and donated their collection to the Peace Institute. Follen Church is currently the leading Faith community in fundraising with a total of $6,134. Keep going!


We appreciate our young friends at the UU Church in Brookline who held a bake sale to help their team reach their $1,500 goal!
I would like to extend my deep appreciation to St. Patrick's Church on Magazine Street in Roxbury for hosting a rest stop as we make our way from Upham's Corner to Dudley Square on the Walk.
Our white staff at the Peace Institute facilitates a course called "Peace-ing Together" for white partners who want to deepen their commitment to peacemaking. We started this course because after the mothers' day walk for peace many ask us, "What can I do?" This workshop series is an opportunity for our partners to understand racism as a root cause of violence and how they can work to address racism in their communities.

Thank you to Fresh Pond Meeting of the Religious Society, Trinity Church, First Church Cambridge, First Parish in Concord, and Christ Church in Cambridge for participating in Peace-ing It Together and the Mother's Day Walk for Peace!