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The Learning Project Elementary School has announced Tina Chery as their Honorary Diploma recipient for 2014.  "The core idea of the Honorary Diploma tradition is for us to recognize and put before our children each year a person who has demonstrated the values  we try to teach and the idea of service to others. You certainly 'fill that bill!'  and I am so happy we can both honor you and present you and your work to our students as a model for what an individual can do," said Michael McCord, Head of School, The Learning Project Elementary School in Bostonm MA.

Last year's recipient was Phil Boyle, former Chair of the The Learning Project Elementary School Board (1999-2005), for 20 years a coach in the Youth Baseball program on the Boston Common.  The year before the recipient was Dr. Johnson, The Learning Project Elementary School's superintendent.  Other recipients have been Michael Brown, CEO of City Year; Derrick Jackson (Globe columnist who regularly writes on social issues, including gun control), and Hubie Jones.

The Honorary Diploma will be presented to Tina during the graduation ceremony on Wednesday, June 18th, at 10:00, at the First Church of Boston, corner of Marlborough Street and Berkeley.