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We are humbled that The Human Symphony Foundation (HSF) will award our President and CEO Tina Chery with the 2015 Living Legends Award for Service to Humanity on March 7.  "By lifting your voice and replacing violence with compassion you have turned tragedy into a crusade for peace. We think this is the human symphony at its best," wrote Markus Williams MM, BME, Artistic Director for the Foundation in an email to Tina. 

The Human Symphony Foundation is an organization that seeks to honor those who have made a significant impact to our local and global community. By using the arts HSF has created a program that continues to receive critical acclaim for celebrating the best of humanity. Past honorees have included Indian Anti Sex Trafficking Crusader Sunitha Krishnan Congressman John Lewis, Death Penalty Abolitionist Sister Helen Prejean American Indian Activist Dennis Banks, and Liberian Peace Activist Leymah Gbowee. "It is our hope that in honoring these individuals, others are propelled out of impassivity and into a life of action. It is our belief that when we all work for a common good...then and only then can that good be achieved," wrote Williams. 

The Living Legends Awards for 2015  will mark ten years of celebrating and fostering the building of humanity for us. You will be one of three honorees for the evening accompanied by some of the best artistic performances on the concert stage.

The Living Legends Awards is a formal event that will take place on Saturday March 7, 2015 at 6 P.M.  At the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center on the campus of The University of Maryland College Park.