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May 4-10 is Peace Week!

To draw attention to Peace Week and the 2015 Mother's Day Walk for Peace, the Lenny Zakim Bridge will be lit up purple May 4-10, making the connection that violence occurs daily on the streets of Boston and peace is needed NOW. 

Peace Week aims to recognize and activate the potential of Boston Public Schools and all students to be peacemakers and positively impact the climate of classrooms. Peace Week curriculum will give participants the opportunity to practice and commit to the seven Principles of Peace: love, unity, faith, hope, courage, justice, and forgiveness. Peace Week was designed to center students who have been deeply affected by murder, trauma, grief, and loss.  We have free PEACE Curricula available for Elementary, Middle, and High Schools. 

Can't Walk? Get involved in Peace Week on Facebook and Twitter.

TAKE A #Mothersdaywalk4peace #iampeace #peaceispossible Photo

Take a photo of yourself with your homemade #iampeace sign. Then post them to our Facebook page  with a message telling us your name, why you are committed to peace, and where you live, if you are walking-- your team name.  


If you are on Twitter, tweet your photo using the hashtags#Mothersdaywalk4peace  #MDW4P  #Peaceispossible #iampeace and we will retweet it.     


And if you only have email, just email the photo to and we will share it for you.  

We are focusing on a different topic every day. and a principle of peace every day (love, unity, faith, hope, courage, justice, and forgiveness). 


Monday (5/4)--KICK OFF!- Day of Faith. 
How do you practice Peace in your faith/spirituality?


Tuesday (5/5) - Day of Love--

How do you practice Peace in your life? Share your tips and stories.


Wednesday (5/6) - Day of Forgiveness --

How do you create Peace in your relationships? 
Share your tips and stories.


Thursday (5/7) - Day of Unity-- 

How do you create Peace in your community? 
Share your tips and stories.

Friday (5/8) - Day of Hope--

Turn Up for Peace. 


Saturday (5/9) - Day of Justice--

Ready? Set? Go Peace!

Get your walking shoes ready, get your team organized. Join us tomorrow at the Mother's Day Walk for Peace. Make your donation today! Be sure to register ONLINE to avoid long lines the day of! Registration=Liability Waiver. 


Sunday (5/10) - Day of Courage--  

PEACE IS POSSIBLE-2015 Mother's Day Walk for Peace.

If you can't make it follow us on facebook and twitter.



Change your profile image on Facebook and Twitter. Follow this link for a super-easy way to join the campaign - you can create your own custom MDW4P photo!


You can also share your photos using Facebook and Twitter, and even add your own Facebook banner!


Share Your Story

Share why you walk and what the Mother's Day Walk for Peace means to you! Sharing your personal story of what life is like for you as a survivor or how you lost your loved is one of the most powerful ways to move people to donate. Share your story in your fundraising emails and on your team fundraising page.    
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LDB Peace Institute Info Video
LDB Peace Institute Info Video
WE Thank YOU!!!