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The Peace Institute is partnering with a new storytelling website called Everyday Boston to explore the lives of people all across the city. The goal is push back against the stereotypes of different Boston neighborhoods--stereotypes the media has helped to create- by creating a fuller, more accurate portrait of the people who live in the city.

The founder of the project, Cara Solomon, is a journalist, and she’s working with a group of people from different neighborhoods to teach them how to interview the people they find interesting. The team then works together to shape the stories for the website:

They would love your support! Send them ideas for people to interview. Like their Facebook page. Or come to an upcoming informational meeting about how you can become involved. They need help particularly in the following areas: community outreach, photography, editing, web development, and other things they haven’t yet thought of!  Please email Cara at to find out more.

Photo: Kamaria Powell, 26, of Mattapan, was interviewed about how her younger brothers inspired her to become a teacher. Read her story here.