Rest In Peace Fund and Live in Peace Fund


Resti in Peace Fund and Live In Peace Fund


Rest In Peace Fund

Murder exacts a tremendous physical and emotional toll on individuals, families and entire communities. Surviving family members of a homicide victim face the additional trauma and stress of having to bury their loved one, often with limited financial resources.

Paying for a burial, especially the cemetery costs, is the biggest and most immediate hurdle a family faces in the aftermath of their loved one's murder. These costs include: the purchase of a cemetery plot plus opening and closing the grave.  Cemeteries do not offer financing so families must make the payment upfront before a burial can happen. The Peace Institute created the Rest in Peace fund to provides financial assistance to survivors of homicide victims who are unable to pay upfront burial costs.  The RIP Fund ensures that all families are able to lay their loved ones to rest with dignity. To support the Rest in Peace Fund, please visit here. 


Live In Peace Fund

The Peace Institute started twenty-two years ago with limited resources but a vision to create more peaceful communities. Like us, so many families are using their grief in positive ways to do peacemaking work. Families impacted by murder are the experts of what families and communities need so that healing, reconciliation, and accountability can happen. We have established the Live in Peace Fund to nurture peacemaking efforts led by families by providing micro grants for projects, organizations, and events. The Live in Peace fund is part of our ongoing efforts to ensure that families have the support and resources they need to transform their pain and anger into power and action.