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Intergenerational Justice Program (IJP) featured in the Boston Globe
"IJP is a community safety program that helps people figure out how they walk through some of the most difficult parts of their lives. You can be living down the street and around the corner from the family who's going to Walpole [state prison] to visit the person who killed your child. And that person can come back to your community? How do you work that out?" -IJP partner Lyn Levy of SPAN, Inc
The Intergenerational Justice Program offers support and guidance for families on both sides who are navigating the criminal justice system after a murder including arrest, trial, conviction, sentencing, incarceration, parole, probation, and re-entry. Too often the shame and stigma imposed on families blocks them from accessing life-saving resources. 
The vision of IJP is to create opportunities for families of murder victims and families of people incarcerated for murder to experience healing, reconciliation, and accountability. IJP was founded by the Peace Institute with our partners VISIONS Inc and SPAN Inc. We're grateful for the courage of the survivors and families of incarcerated loved ones who told their stories to the Globe. 
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If you are a family member of a murder victim and would like support as you go through the court or parole process please contact
If you are a family member of a loved one arrested or incarcerated for murder or attempted murder and would like support please contact