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Program Coordinators Alexandra Chery and Reverend Wayne Sylvester Daley appeared on Boston Neighborhood Network to share more about the healing, reconciliation, and accountability that's possible through the Intergenerational Justice Program.


The Intergenerational Justice Program (IJP) offers a continuum of support and guidance for families on both sides who are navigating the criminal justice system after a murder including arrest, trial, conviction, sentencing, incarceration, parole, probation, and re-entry. IJP creates opportunities for healing, reconciliation, and accountability for families of murder victims and families of people arrested and incarcerated for murder. The focus of IJP is to ensure that all families have what they need to live in peace after a homicide.

IJP fills a major gap in the field with our explicit focus on family engagement and community involvement to address the impact of homicide. Re-entry programs tend to have a narrow focus on the individual (often younger, often for non-violent offenses) while IJP expands the resources available to people who have been convicted of violent crimes and their families.

IJP is a partnership with SPAN Inc and VISIONS Inc.

For more information, please contact: 
Alexandra Chéry
617-825-1917 x 104
Reverend Wayne Sylvester Daley
617-825-1917 x 105