Peace from Within


Peace from Within

Peace From Within is a multi-week course for incarcerated men to learn the foundations of living a peaceful life.

Peace From Within is currently being facilitated at Plymouth County Correctional Facility.


Reflection from a participant in 2015:

The Louis D. Brown Peace Institute has a unique way of giving you the tools and showing you how to use and become peace. Not just peace in our universe, it’s truly deeper than that. Peace in our communities? I think it’s fair to say we would all like that. But yet again, it’s deeper than that.  It’s about peace within self.

Peace starts within self. No one can make nor have peace if they don’t have inner peace. People like to say “I want peace”. “We need peace”. But really don’t understand what they want out of peace or what they are really asking for. You have to have peace with self before you have peace anywhere else. The Peace Institute teaches you all about that. It all starts with self.

The Peace Institute helps you find and reflect on yourself.  This program helps you to open up to yourself, your goals and to actually get to know who you are. It gives you a chance to be real with yourself, own your own actions, and be more aware of who you are.

The helpful things the Peace Institute teaches you about are the seven principles and eight guidelines that are strongly built around peace. These tools are very useful in your everyday struggles, your past and future. They can teach you about emotions that you never knew you have, how to spot them, deal with them and to never ignore them, the same way you wouldn’t ignore hunger.

I’ve enrolled in the Peace From Within program.  I enjoyed both sessions and most importantly learned a lot about who I was, who I am and who I want to be. I’ve learned about numerous emotions I never knew I possessed, but I’ve also learned how to check them too if need be. I identified new goals and values, how to be aware of my actions and the impact I have on others. I’ve learned how to “try on” new things, like a new life style. And most important I have learned I honestly have a purpose.

If you want to change, change for the better, be a better father, better lover, friend, son, brother, or just a all-around better person, understand your values, find a purpose (which we all have) find and make goals, find yourself or just to get to know a thing or two, if you want to find who you are, the real you—I highly recommend the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute, from the heart. 

Know peace, speak peace, to make peace to live free for love and peace….

-Mr. Butler