Training and Technical Assistance Center (TTAC)


Training and Technical Assistance Center (TTAC)


TTAC provides training, tools, and technical assistance to public health professionals and institutional stakeholders who serve families impacted by murder so that they can implement effective and equitable homicide response protocols.

TTAC equips providers to adopt the best practices in the field using our survivor-centered, trauma-informed methodology.

TTAC emerged out of the Peace Institute’s twenty years of experience serving families impacted by murder. 

The Peace Institute has established itself as the leading community-based homicide response agency in the state of Massachusetts. We are recognized by the City of Boston as a key partner. We’re funded by the Massachusetts Office of Victim Assistance (MOVA), the Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC), the Boston Police Department, and a line item in the state budget to provide emotional and practical support for families in the first 24-72 hours after a homicide happens and ongoing advocacy.

The Peace Institute offers the following services to community-based organizations, providers, city and state agencies, and other public health officials and institutional stakeholders:

  • Training on every aspect of coordinated, consistent, and compassionate homicide response in the immediate aftermath of a homicide as well over the long-term;
  •  Technical assistance on creating equitable and effective homicide response protocols, inter-agency collaboration, establishing and maintaining survivors and provider networks, working with Victim compensation locally and nationally, and cultural competence to respond to the diverse survivor population;
  • Evaluation of current practices and protocols with recommendations to improve;
  • Tools for to guide providers or give to families of homicide victims to aid the healing process.

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