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FY2018 Budget News

FY2018 begins on July 1. The Peace Institute is asking for significantly larger investment this year - $500,000 - so we can sustain our work to transform society's response to homicide at the statewide level and support fellow survivor-led organizations who are providing essential services for families impacted by murder. In FY2017 the Peace Institute was funded $100,000 from the state budget. 

If the survivors of homicide victims line item (4513-1098) is fully funded in FY2018, $150,000 of the state's investment would support the Peace Institute's direct services and the training and technical assistance the institute delivers to police departments, clinicians, and survivors statewide. $350,000 would be distributed to survivor-led organizations through the MA Survivors of Homicide Victims Network through a transparent grant process. 

Our hope is that by working together in unity, we can ensure survivors of homicide victims will receive the funding our community needs.  

Please call and email your state legislators to express your support for the survivors of homicide victims state budget line item. 

Click here to find your legislators:

Hello, my name is ____________ and I am a constituent.  I'm calling today to ask that the state budget line item #4513-1098 for survivors of homicide victims be increased to $500,000. This funding will go toward critical services and resources for families of murder victims.

The Louis D. Brown Peace Institute is the leading homicide response agency in the state and offers direct services to families of homicide victims and technical assistance to public health professionals. 

The Peace Institute will allocate funding from this account to fellow survivor-led organizations to maximize the state's investment. Please work with leadership and your colleagues to allocate $500,000 to survivors of homicide victim. Thank you.