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We believe that ALL survivors of homicide victims deserve to be treated with dignity and compassion. We believe that ALL families of murder victims have the human right to lay their loved one to rest with respect. This includes people whose loved ones were killed by police. Check out this story that features Carla Sheffield and her incredible work to honor her son, Burrell (Bo) Ramsey-White. Carla founded Better Opportunities, Inc and is an active member of the Massachusetts Survivors of Homicide Victims Network. 


What It’s Really Like When A Police Officer Kills Your Child
After violent injustice, grief and social stigma often go hand in hand

by Britni De La Cretaz

BEFORE CARLA SHEFFIELD’S CHILD WAS SHOT AND KILLED BY A POLICE OFFICER, the 51-year-old Boston resident had devoted her career to legal and political justice, working mainly in the courts. Then, in 2012, her son, Burrell Anthony Ramsey-White, was pulled over during a routine traffic stop, allegedly because he looked like a suspect in another crime. Though he provided identification indicating that he wasn’t who the officers were looking for, a car and foot chase ensued that ultimately resulted in his death. He was 26 at the time.  Read more.