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Peace-B-Que covered in The Boston Globe

At the Peace-B-Que, we facilitated a community Peace Play sand tray to respond to the question, "What would a more peaceful Boston look like? It was a healing and hopeful experience for everyone who participated. Please take a few minutes to read and share The Boston Globe's coverage of Peace Play.


At Peace-B-Que, city children imagine a kinder, gentler world

By Evan Allen GLOBE STAFF  AUGUST 05, 2017

Anthony Thompson III was the first one to hit the “Peace Play” sandbox at the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute’s second annual Peace-B-Que in Dorchester on Saturday.

The 7-year-old carefully assembled action figures to represent the world he wanted to live in: One where an Arthurian knight, an Army man, and a girl with pigtails stood protectively around a blue whale in the sand.

“Guarding,” he explained. It was a friendly and safe world he was after.

Beside him, 13-year-old Naesaun Jones arranged his own tableau. A little man faced a little woman in the sand, arms flung wide as if for a hug. Jones had just recently seen a woman pull a knife on another woman, he said, and he, too, was looking for safety. Read more...