Crisis Management


In partnership with Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston Public Health Commission, Bowdoin Street Health Center and Massachusetts Public Health Commission, the Peace Institute provides specialized survivor-based approach for crisis management and outreach services to survivors of homicide victims in the aftermath of a homicide. 

This unique partnership allows us to provide a holistic approach to meeting the complex needs of the survivor of homicide victims across the state of Massachusetts within the first 48 hours of a homicide and post funeral.

The services provided are: crisis intervention, family stabilization, burial assistance & guidance, peaceful and safe space for healing, self care supports, coordination of services, and on-going supports to survivors year round.


• Provide information on what to expect after survivors leave the hospital or coroner’s office
• Inform on survivors on expectations, resources and services able  to begin the burial process.  In addition, the Peace Institute provides free services to design programs, buttons and other materials needed for services
• Coordinate family’s internal and external support networks
• Connect survivors with the appropriate health and social  services
• Assist survivors on how best to access and navigate city, state and local service providers
• Provide support and guidance during criminal trials
• Educate and train survivors on how to become advocates for yourself and your families
• Provide on-going support services beyond the funeral to help families begin to Heal, Survive and Thrive