Pathways to Peace


Pathways to Peace

Pathways to Peace aims to recognize and activate the potential of students to be peacemakers and positively impact the climate of classrooms. The lessons and activities will give participants the opportunity to practice and commit to the seven Principles of Peace: love, unity, faith, hope, courage, justice, and forgiveness. Pathways to Peace was designed to center students who have been deeply affected by murder, trauma, grief, and loss. 

Peace education is a social literacy and primary violence prevention strategy. Many prevention efforts have the effect of demonizing individuals and neighborhoods as bad, violent, and dangerous. These lesson plans come from a strictly asset-based approach to peacemaking and encourages students to recognize that their communities are rich with loving families, survival strategies, healing capacity, and the possibility of peace. We want to emphasize starting peace rather than stopping violence; these lesson plans are focused on healing and transforming rather than “fixing” or “saving.” Peace education programs like Pathways to Peace have been proven to increase resilience, reinforce positive behaviors, promote social responsibility, and deepen relationships between participants to prevent future violence.

Pathways to Peace is a vehicle to make schools safer learning environments by creating space for educators and students to acknowledge the pain of grief and loss, build skills for peaceful living, and reinforce the belief that peace is possible. The Annual Mother’s Day Walk for Peace is an opportunity for schools and community organizations to practice community service learning and be in solidarity with others praciting the same skills and principles.

The Peace Institute has over twenty years of experience developing and delivering peace education. The PI has worked with UMass Boston and the Harvard School of Public  Health to create and evaluate extensive curriculum and teacher’s guides for every grade level.  This curriculum and further technical assistance from the PI can be made available those schools interested in extending their commitment to peace education.

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