Peace Fellow Internships


Peace Fellow Interns

The Peace Fellow Internship Program was established in 2012 to provide undergraduate and graduate students who are dedicated to peacemaking with a specialized field learning internship so that they are better prepared to work in communities most impacted by homicide.  Interns receive training in our nationally recognized survivor-centered, trauma-informed methodology to transform pain and anger into power and action after murder. Our model equips emerging professionals with tools, skills, and experience to serve all families impacted by violence equitably with dignity and compassion regardless of the circumstances.

The Peace Institute takes an explicitly assets-based approach to violence prevention. We see our community as a place where peace is possible, full of resilient families raising children with hopes and dreams. We welcome interns into the Peace Fellow program who hold our community in the highest regard and are ready to serve rather than fix or save. We acknowledge racism as a root cause of violence and recognize the way prison fuels cycles of poverty that destabilize families. Peace Follow interns will have the opportunity to critically engage with anti-racism and learn strategies to communicate effectively across difference.

Peace Fellows work alongside community leaders and experts in a collaborative environment where we can learn from each other. Interns are welcomed into this professional network and encouraged to build relationships with experienced providers, elected officials, and key stakeholders from the criminal justice system.

The Peace Institute operates all of our programs with the conviction that peace starts from within. Peace Fellows will have the opportunity to “try on” self-reflection and healing practices that lead to personal and professional growth. We ask interns to bring both your strengths and your struggles. The program is carefully designed to meet each individual’s learning objectives while exposing interns to a wide range of tools, techniques, and trainings that represent the best practices in the field of homicide response. After completing the Peace Fellow Internship program, interns can expect an increased capacity to serve families impacted by murder, grief, trauma, and loss and lasting connections with the Peace Institute.

Open internship positions will vary based on the needs and capacity of the Peace Institute.  Most positions require a 6-12 month or semester/year-long commitment with a minimum of 8 hours per week. Interns are required to go through planning, orientation, and training before work on projects begins. 

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