I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for all of your help during this difficult time. You are truly a God send. I know for certain I would not have known the steps to take without the help of the wonderful foundation you created in remembrance of your son. I am in awe of all you do on a daily basis. I am trying my best to handle things one day at a time; one breath at a time.


Thank you for taking time to attend our Fifth Grade graduation on June 26, 2013. It was an honor to have you at this special event. Staff, parents and students appreciated your presence and your motivating words to our graduates. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with you.

A.S. Letourneau Elementary School

The Warren Gardens Resident Association Board of Directors was honored to have Tina Chery as Guest Speaker at its Annual Meeting on Thursday, June 20, 2013. Thank you so much for your time and encouraging message of peace to our community! You could feel the message being absorbed as you spoke. What a gift you are to all who are dealing traumatic issues. We will be sure to put to use some of these tools as we do the work of healing our community.

Donna Thomas-Martinez President, Warren Gardens Resident Association Board

"The Louis D. Brown Peace Institute and the Step-by-Step Burial Guide was an invaluable resource to my family during our darkest hour.  The Guide provided us with essential information on how to get started, keep on track and effectively use the resources available to us."

Marisa Luse, Sibling Survivor

“The murder of my son Antoine is the most devastating thing I have ever had to endure!  I have been searching for my way to deal with my anger and to find peace in my heart so that I can continue on with life.  Thank you for your guidance and support. God says the best is yet to come.”

Anthony Perkins

"Thank you and everyone at the Peace Institute for helping us get through a very difficult time in our lives. There is no way possible that we could have handled all of the things you guys did for us, while grieving at the same time.  With all we were going through, we were still able to leave the Peace Institute with a good feeling of knowing that there are people out there that really care about helping others. You guys are truly amazing, and  we can't thank you guys enough for everything u have done for us."

Campbell, Sheppard, & Hopkins Family

"Our family cannot thank you enough for the limitless support you and your staff have offered us during this time of loss.  In the midst of my sorrow I felt such peace as you ministered to my spirit and I thank God for using you to help us and other hurting families.  You were able to reach my daughter by helping with the media statement and my sister who just needed to release her grief.  You are providing a desperately needed service in our community where there are so many families losing their young sons to violence."

Eileen Paterson, on behalf of The Mauge Family, The Franklin Family, The Benjamin Family

“This Burial Guide provided a much needed calming structure for me in a time of extreme chaos.  Just knowing that there was something we could refer to for guidance was not only needed but just made it so much easier to get information that was needed in a hurry. The Lourdes family and I had a language barrier - This guide helped me communicate with the family more easily and I was assured that we had the needed information during the many different and difficult tasks that had to be accomplished.”

Gloria Ann Viera, in loving Memory of Lourdes M. Hernandez

"Once again Tina, I would love to thank you and everyone at Peace Institute for all you have done for my family. You are a Blessing from GOD THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH.!!!"

COOKIE BELARDO, Family of Remis Andrews shot and killed April 5, 2014

"Congratulations on another successful walk in the name of peace and raising, not only funds but awareness. My husband and daughter, along with our TCR team was privileged to be a part of it. For many years I have been away for Mother's Day and was so happy to be able to be here for the walk and to help raise funds your important work. It is so empowering. I hope to continue to collaborate together."


Deborah Rivlin, MA, 2014 Mother's Day Walk for Peace Walker